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Subject:  Re: Spoiled Generation Date:  5/14/2014  6:43 PM
Author:  oceanbluela Number:  19118 of 19738

I live in L.A., my house is paid off, and all should be right with my world. But my partner and I want to move across town to be closer to our daughter, who just got married. We're just talking a move of 8 miles. But calculating in the traffic time, we have to budget an hour just to get there in a timely way. And at rush hour, we have to add 15 minutes to that. So in preparation for when the grandkids start to arrive, we want to move into what will be our very last house. This one has been great. It's in the hills, is private with a nice swimmable pool, and we've kept up all the house systems over the years. Someone will get a great house when we sell it... but not until after we buy our new house and move in.) But mov