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Subject:  Re: If you're old enough... Date:  5/27/2014  7:50 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  19158 of 20017

"I don't know about global warning...but something not good is happening with weather world wide"

It's called climate shift.

Thousands of years ago, the Sahara was a green verdant land of plenty, roaming with wildlife. A 'savannah' with millions of wild animals and also human cities of thousands or more.

then, about 8000 years ago, the orbit/wobble of the Earth changed with the 25,000 year and other interval Milankovic cycles....and over a few hundred years, that part of Africa dried out. It turned into a desert. Folks moved to the Nile Valley and the great Egyptian civilization arose. Thanks to climate shift.

Rivers used to run in Saudi Arabia...thousands of years ago. Not any more. Now we just find , by satellite, where they used to be and where the cities of old times used to be.

Nothing to do with CO2

The Little Ice Age happened not all that long ago. 50 years where the canals of the Dutch froze in the winter time and they ice skated. Why did we have