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Subject:  Way OT, airport question Date:  7/16/2014  11:09 PM
Author:  blacktreechaser Number:  35348 of 36327

1. Just in case anyones gonna be in Reno for Hot August Nights, and you want to tie in for a beer or a short cruise, let me know.

2. Helping someone with a move to Port Chester, NY area. Its not far from Stamford, CN. Just a shot in the dark before I log onto travel search tomorrow, is anyone from that area, and know what airport the locals typically use to fly in and out of? Stamford, or better to go to JFK or some other airport?

3. Was lucky enough to win on a USA legal online poker site a travel package to the Rio in Las Vegas and entry into WSOP event, #60....its not the big one you see on tv, its a smaller one just a week before...about 2,500 entries, at a cost of $1,500, takes three days to play it out. Had a great time. Heard more foreign languages spoken in the corridors than English. Of all the players I met, at the table or not, only one person I'd call sleazy, everyone else was great. Exchanged a lot of phone numbers and addresses. Seemed like an awful lot of young guys were playing...probably silicon valley types with money to burn? Anyways, I found it a great social event even if you don't play poker. I highly reccomend if your ever looking to do something different.

If interested, I got knocked out about half way thru the pack...about number 1,200 or so....only about top 10% finishers, or 250 players win money...I had pocket aces, pre-flop, and thru raises was able to isolate to one player staying in the hand. Each time he pushed back, so finally I put all my chips in the pot,and he did the same. This would have given me a tremendous stack of chips, let me possibly cost to the money. He had a few more chips than me.
Since we were both all in, we flipped our cards over, it was my AA vs 77. So, the first three cards get turned over on the board, and the second card was a 7. The next two cards did not help me. I went bye, and he had the tremendous stack. There was too much going on for it to hurt, I only felt that about a week later....but I still had a great time, and reccommend it. Great bunch of people to meet and hang out with.
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