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The Fool: What's your greatest athletic achievement? Little League champ? Ran a marathon? Did 4 consecutive sit-ups?
Toolishfoo: USMA West Point alpine ski team; Loveland Basin CO ski instructor teaching VN veteran disabled how to ski; skiing 20+ years on one leg in Colorado and many venues in Europe.
The Fool: Who killed Kennedy?
Toolishfoo: Lee Harvey Oswald & not the CIA/NSA/KGB/FBI or the mob; so I'm not a conspiracy theorist.
The Fool: What do you fear most?
Toolishfoo: There is nothing to fear except fear itself! Learned that in Ranger School from Major Feir.
The Fool: Would you rather be remembered as a person, a legend, or a myth?
Toolishfoo: A person ... I'm not legend material and too much in your face to be a myth.
The Fool: Make a confession.
Toolishfoo: Am a bear market bred investor full of scepticism with a strong tendency to sell too soon.
The Fool: Given a second chance, what financial decision would you like to do over?
Toolishfoo: Exercise optimism; ride winners.
The Fool: What's been your best investment to date, and how did you discover it?
Toolishfoo: JPM ... I worked at Chase Manhattan; it made me a tidy bundle, but I no longer own it.
The Fool: Do you have a favorite company or stock which the worldwide Foolish community should know about -- and why?
Toolishfoo: Apple because I know the company inside out and use its products ... iMac, MacBookPro, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, iTunes, etc after having converted from being a Windows 3 thru 8 user mostly on Dell PCs.
The Fool: List some of your favorite websites, with commentary where appropriate. (Please provide the URLs, too.)
Toolishfoo: OBVIOUSLY: Foolish Paradise (fool.com);<br />Seeking Alpha (http://seekingalpha.com) both for its bashers & boosters; MissingSTEP (missingSTEP.com); Bloomberg (bloomberg.com).
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