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The Fool: Have you had a brush with fame, the proverbial '15 minutes'? Tell us about it.
GreenMartianX: I met howardroark. Also, I've been on TV and have appeared in a magazine.
The Fool: What do you fear most?
GreenMartianX: Being a jerk cause it comes so naturally. Either that, or being in a position of truly helping someone and not doing so.
The Fool: To what extent has your financial success, or lack thereof, been the result of luck versus skill?
GreenMartianX: Goodness only knows what I'd be doing today without Peter Lynch's books, Arthur Kimes, the editors of Kiplinger's, and Frank Romano.
The Fool: As a former child and possibly parent of one now, share your best advice about raising children.
GreenMartianX: Have one with someone better than you and you'll be a-ok.
The Fool: Make a confession.
GreenMartianX: I have a very hard time reading for pleasure anymore. Books that were great a long time ago are unreadable today. I'm old. {sigh}
The Fool: Given a second chance, what financial decision would you like to do over?
GreenMartianX: Buying Wet Seal at 4 and change, selling at 3 and change, and then watching it go over 40 when everything I thought might happen did happen.
The Fool: What's been your best investment to date, and how did you discover it?
GreenMartianX: My wife (& kids!). Luck, cause I didn't deserve to hit the jackpot.
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