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The Fool: Given a second chance, what financial decision would you like to do over?
Rolininit: My Mortgage.
The Fool: Tell us about your first date. Who was it with and where did you go? (Remember, this is a family show!) ;)
Rolininit: Can't remember
The Fool: If you could be the CEO of any public company, which one and why?
Rolininit: Google
The Fool: What's the best product you use that most people don't know about?
Rolininit: Jawbone Jambox
The Fool: In what way would society be different if bears had become the dominant sentient species?
Rolininit: Loads more picnic baskets
The Fool: To what extent has your financial success, or lack thereof, been the result of luck versus skill?
Rolininit: Complete luck or lack there of
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