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The Fool: As you were growing up (or now, raising children), did your family have any distinctive rituals or practices others might do well to emulate?
stefsoriano: we always bond well during mealtime.
The Fool: Your most heroic moment in life?
stefsoriano: when i called the head office of a telecom company i worked for to send us a helicopter since Mt. Pinatubo erupted and we were there. luckily, the driver of the car brought us out safely.
The Fool: What industry do you follow most closely and why?
stefsoriano: technology since this is a big growth area and we need more advancement in this field to progress.
The Fool: What's your greatest athletic achievement? Little League champ? Ran a marathon? Did 4 consecutive sit-ups?
stefsoriano: did 300 sit-ups a day to flatten my stomach.
The Fool: How'd you find out about the Fool? (Make your answer as colorful and truthful as possible.)
stefsoriano: i was not paid yet on my invoice and i panicked about not having an income. i searched www.workersonboard.com and found an ad for financial bloggers. i quickly wrote an application letter and luckily i was accepted.
The Fool: What's been your best investment to date, and how did you discover it?
stefsoriano: Government Service Insurance Service Mutual Fund thru Philam Asset Management Inc. It was offered to me by a good friend, Jonathan Vicente.
The Fool: Do you have a favorite company or stock which the worldwide Foolish community should know about -- and why?
stefsoriano: PLDT (Philippine Long Distance Telephone)- it is still growing strong and the management is good although I doubt if they sleep at all. Better returns at times than owning real estate.
The Fool: List some of your favorite websites, with commentary where appropriate. (Please provide the URLs, too.)
stefsoriano: www.approved-co.au (this is where i got my financial writing well-oiled)
www.google.com ( i google almost anything)
www.facebook.com (i'm hooked on FB and social media)
www.yahoo.com (who doesn't have a yahoo account and read their news?)
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