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The Fool: What's your greatest athletic achievement? Little League champ? Ran a marathon? Did 4 consecutive sit-ups?
MrPlunger: Won an egg and spoon race in the 1st grade
The Fool: What's the most overrated idea, person, or event in our culture?
MrPlunger: Is a great actor always an interesting person?
The Fool: What is your favorite techno gadget?
MrPlunger: iPad I am afraid - it is so simple to use even I can handle it. It does both work and play - Bloomberg and Sky Demon GPS.
The Fool: What's been your best investment to date, and how did you discover it?
MrPlunger: The time I have spent with those around me ...
The Fool: List some of your favorite websites, with commentary where appropriate. (Please provide the URLs, too.)
MrPlunger: I subscribe to the FT and get their daily Alphaville Email, also Bloomberg and Mauldin's Over My Shoulder. The point is, these all give a variety of views, not just those of one blogger or economist. That's also the magic of the Fool's message boards ... all the different people who post.
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