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The Fool: Briefly explain how you select stocks.
theRadlo: I look for trends for growth stocks, fundamentals for dividend stocks, and mutual funds to keep me in the market when I get nervous.
The Fool: Briefly review your favorite book.
theRadlo: A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. If your life was a movie, would it be worth watching? This book encourages all of us to live a better story.
The Fool: What's been your best investment to date, and how did you discover it?
theRadlo: GE, just bought it when it was at about 15, new it had to come back.
The Fool: Do you have a favorite company or stock which the worldwide Foolish community should know about -- and why?
theRadlo: I like the way Google thinks; they are attempting to change the way a company operates. It seems they are trying to be a Buffet of invention. Buffet waits and buys value, Google is trying to create it.
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