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whafa asks:

<<Do you understand that you are being inconsiderate when you post questions here about the ethics of liberal early retirement that are designed to create the type of dialogue this board was specifically created to avoid?

Do you care?>>

If you read the threads I've started, I think any fair minded person would see serious questions and issues being raised. That has certainly been my intent.

Then read through the replies. In each there are a very few thoughtful replies, with an overwhelming torrent of abusive posts, rather often characterized by crude and vulgar language.

So no, I do not understand that honest questions about the ethics of early retirement by those with liberal values is IN ANY WAY inconsiderate on a liberal early retirement board.

And my intent was to discuss the issues I posed in a serious way, as I have said repeatedly. I think you will find that every person who has done me the honor of making a serious reply to my questions has received a serious and courteous reply, and that includes your post.

I might add that my experience on the discussion board formerly known as REHP INVARIABLY welcomed new people posting honest questions about early retirement, and pretty much always got thoughtful replies aimed to answer people's questions.

People entering political threads on that board might well find a different kind of warm welcome, and perhaps that is unfortunate.

But I have to say that this board is a failure after only a very few days, and perhaps should be regarded as a danger to the Fool, since new people posting honest questions about retirement on this board are apparently likely to be greeted with vile abuse rather than any kind of encouragement.

It's too bad, too. If I sat down and researched it a bit, I'm sure I could find a considerable variety of distinctively liberal ways to save for, invest for and plan for early retirement. The very idea of escaping the rat race to personal freedom and liberty is one that might be embraced by liberals.

Franklin Roosevelt had a distinctively liberal approach to retirement ---he called it Social Security. Too bad the liberals on this board have forgotten their historic heritage that helped create the very idea of retirement, and apparently can't even imagine alternatives to the grasping Republican approach of saving and investing that permits only an elite few to achieve early retirement.

I'll just mention a couple of other distinctively liberal approaches to early retirement that no one here bothered to think of in reply to my initial post on one thread:

1) Paying pro rated Social Security benefits at age 62

2) 401K and IRA plans which permit withdrawals without penalty for those retiring early at age 59 1/2 and even for those retiring earlier if they follow IRA guideline for substantially equal annual withdrawals.

Unfortunately, quite a few people acting in gross and obnoxious ways on this board probably don't have the slightest knowledge of how to escape the rat race of kissing, ring of the boss until age 67 or whatever. If they would pay attention and start learning, thinking and planning they might earn for themselves the enormous boon of free time to pursue the liberty provided by early retirement, instead of jerking off with senseless posts.

I suppose another issue that liberals should answer is whether liberals should support and encourage early retirement at all. After all, it's really enjoyed primarily by those who have enjoyed good fortune for decades and relatively generous incomes, which probably means that encouraging early retirement means encouraging early retirement disproportionately for we grasping Republicans. Do liberals really want to do that?

Personally, I'm not in favor of government subsidies for early retirement, and would prefer to do away with making Social Security benefits available at age 62. Save the money to pay benefits at the normal retirement age, rather than to subsidize earlt retirement for multi-millionaires like intercst and I.

But I already know what I think about early retirement. My questions have been to find out WHAT DO LIBERALS THINK ABOUT EARLY RETIREMENT?

Frankly, I think it's a serious question, and I'm very disappointed that there appear to be so many empty headed liberals on this board. When I was a liberal from 1965-1985 (with time out for radicalism for a time) I was very impressed with how smart liberals often were, thinking with great care about social issues. Judging by posts on this board, liberalism has fallen far since I got out.

We TALK a lot about freedom and liberty in this country. But I notice that there a lot of traffic in the early morning and late afternoon. We talk about freedom and liberty, but people are overwhelmingly beholden to a boss. Should we do anything to get people out of that rat race early? If so, what do liberals think we ought to do?

So here's a challenge liberals: redeem yourselves! What do you really think about early retirement and the issues surrounding it?

<<Do you care?


Perhaps you can reach your own conclusion about that now.

Seattle Pioneer

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Isn't this a duplicate post with the one in the other thread?
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