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Just thinking here ---- O KIM MNR - If I were to start with three reits would these be considered good choices for some of my annuity money that is now available for investing. Purpose is income stream
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I assume you own no other REIT commons. If that is the case, you might want to chose between O & KIM and buy only one of them as they are both retail REIT's. Might want some diversification, so buy a residential, hotel or healthcare REIT instead. Also Healthcare REIT's generally pay relatively high dividends (since you said you wanted an income stream). You also might consider buying Vanguard's ETF (VNQ) instead of three REIT's for even more diversification.
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Itangel, O and MNR may be good choices, but I don't follow them actively. You might want to review some of the O and MNR threads on this board.

I like KIM, despite the problems it had (including a dividend cut and excessive leverage) during the Great Depression. They are slowly but steadily selling off their non-core, non-retail assets, improving their asset quality and their balance sheet. SS NOI growth has been pretty good. They are dividend-friendly.

It's difficult finding really solid equity REITs, with good balance sheets, that pay a dividend yield of over 4% these days (and where they are not overpaying their dividend).

Besides KIM, you might take a look at HCN, HCP (both healthcare), HIW (suburban office), BMR (life science) and, of course, ROIC (strip centers), all of which yield over 4%, have solid balance sheets, and good to excellent management teams. I own all of these except for HCP, so I do have confidence in them.

Happy hunting!

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