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Mr Greenspan ought to retire now and move on out the way of progress. He reminds me of the way those Retiree's in Florida drive. You know those old Lincolns and Marquis ambling on down the road while the rest of us are trying to get on down the road.
Greenspan to me, represents the ole guard of foggies who are afraid of progress. If he continues to see spooks behind every economic piece of data that comes out, our hopes of moving the new economy foward will suffer from his lack of vision.
God only knows, how long it will take for this country to finally put it's money where it's mouth and deliver us Broadband width. Our infrastructure is so old and difficult to build over, that we need this kind of boom in the stock market to fuel the engine for this change we want the internet to bring us. Let us not be afraid of the future and the first thing we need to do is to remove Mr Greenspan and replace him with a younger man who has the vision to lead us into the next age!
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I will counter,

we need someone more conservative than Greenspan,
someone to protect fools from becoming greater fools.
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