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Its global reach is as great as the Olympics
By Charles Sizemore, Editor, The Sizemore Investment Letter | Aug 7, 2012, 1:27 pm EDT
As I write this article, China has a slight lead on the United States in Olympic gold, 34-30, but anything can happen over the next week.

But whichever country leaves London with the bigger stash of medals, Visa (NYSE:V) will be accepted in either of them.

In fact, Visa is accepted in virtually every country represented in the 2012 Summer Games.


Emerging markets growth. With a P/E excluding extraordinary items (TTM) of 128.8x and a P/E Normalized (MRFY)36.5x might seem a little pricey. If there's a dip in price I may jump in. But with all of V's positive mojo they've got going on right now that dip may not happen any time soon.

Who's feeling deja vu all over again as when watching AAPL, & AMZN as they rose up.
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And with post #212 I have the 21st palindrome numbered post on this board! ;^)

And with this post adding to my number of posts as I post towards the big gold star for 5000 posts. It's almost like a DRIP account. :^)

Post, post, post, post...

Drip, drip, drip, drip...
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That is pretty cool that they're so involved with the Olympics. I get daily investor alerts and the money coming in from the games is just huge.

Funny you should mention APPL & AMZN. I still keep a watchlist of ten stocks that I picked in 08 -09. It was after one of those 600 pt loss days for the Dow. Appl & AMZN were prominent on the list. If I had the 10 grand that day I would've made an absolute killing. (but I added a smaller amount to V instead, so it's all good)

As for dips the only time I've seen signifigent dippage, was by either Government intervention, or it just goes down with the entire Market.

Left unfettered this Cash Cow has Wings!!!!!
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