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This article was posted on Nov 16, 2010 as one of five stocks set to pop. On that day it was priced at $15.53. Today it is priced at $23.78. That would be a little over a 50% pop in just over a month.

I'm gonna be following you TMFEZMAGIC (aka Brian D. Pacampara).

I have been invested in BOOM since last February, so I had expected to see this company pick up. But I am amazed at your timing. Did you have a clue that something had changed at just that time? Or was this some sort of market expectation, or was it as my old man says about my investing, "Even a blind hog finds an acorn every now and then."?

Actually there is a serious question there if you pick up on this and have the time.

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Actually, hogs hunt, root and feed by smell, not sight.

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