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Ironically I was talking with my beloved along these lines this morning.

I told her, "Do you remember the line by Billy Crystal in "City Slickers" toward the beginning when he says something to the effect that, "Have you ever looked around and realized, this is the best I'm ever going to look, this is the best I'm ever going to feel, this is the best I'm ever going to do...and it ain't that great?"" Sometimes I feel that way and I just hate it. I seem to have become a real half empty glass kinda guy.

The top of my list involves overcoming my own attitude. I think I need to spend more time reading uplifting things.

*introspective and trying to improve*


This rather long post is a direct response to your post above. I know we have never met and may never meet, but I consider you one of my Internet friends. Your name is one of the ones I skim for when browsing the Baby Boomer Board after a long absence. The reason? I enjoy your posts. Many of them about your loves...your Beloved wife, your DD, and comics. Some of them about life in general and difficulties you've faced over the years. And of course, the common thread everyone gripes about sometimes – work.

In your postings you come across, to me, as a man who grew up with a lot of insecurities, but with the love of a woman over came many of them to succeed in life. AND, kept true to himself to do it.

You have succeeded in life. Your glass is not half empty it overflows with love and there's only more to come as you and your family continue to grow together.

Success comes in many ways. Despite the old bumper sticker that aid “He who dies with the most toys wins”, that's not truly success.


1)Finding a place you belong. Your place, as you have proves, is with the woman you love.
2)A job...or a career you can be proud of. You have that. Even in the griping, you come across as a man that has succeeded in work. You've made a career out of the place. You've been promoted. You make things happen. Even when the job is frustrating and times are insane you manage it well...or at least you come across as handling it well. ;)
3)Comics. You've kept them in the correct place in your life. A wonderful hobby. Your wife and daughter take precedence over them, but they hold a special place. Because they hold a special place you've been able to interview some of your heroes. The men behind your favorite comics. That is a wonderful accomplishment and I personally know a few people that are envious of you.
4) have them. A couple stand out for me. One from childhood that you have mentioned with love on the board. And at least one that you met through these boards. Mike – from Beaumont. It's obvious to anyone that you two enjoy hanging around each other and have become friends. I've also noticed that those that have met you in person consider you a friend. Every friend is a wonderful gift you give yourself.
5)Animals..are one way people sometimes show their true worth. The fact that you ensured the safety of your cats as while as your family every time you evacuated spoke volumes about you.
6)A home. You have a home that belongs to you and your family. Something not everyone has, but more importantly something you personally strove for. In this you remind me of my dad. My dad, a long time ago, when I was a child, was standing on the porch of our home, looking out over the land...his land. He turned to my mother and said, “It's ours D.” He looked back over the land. “Not bad for a kid from ....” (place left blank intentionally.) My dad came from a very, very poor family...the place he mentions was considered the slums when he was growing up. Like him, you've come a long way.

You, my dear Professor, have on more than one occasion mentioned how poor your family was. You have are not poor. You are not poor in all the ways that matter.

Very few people actually do things that are considered great or will last for more than a lifetime, and yet many people try to judge themselves by those few people. If you must judge yourself, than judge yourself by the people you surround yourself with. What kind of people are they? In your case...from past posts...I'd say pretty dang good people!

Your life...thinking like Billy Crystal in the movie...It aint that great....WRONG!

It's better than great! Your cup over flows. You have led a good life. What's the quote...I'm looking for? Oh yeah, I've got it.

"There is no better legacy a man can leave his children or the world, than a memory of good deeds done, of kindness, of charity, of broad good fellowship."

When it comes your time to leave this world...which I sincerely hope is not until long...long after your DD is grown and has grown children of her own. But whenever your time comes, I am willing to bet the above quote could be read at your funeral and all there would nod knowingly, tears in their eyes.

I leave you with one final thought. Introspection is fine...needed even, but beating yourself up over imagined failures is not. Change what needs changing as you adjust to what life brings and keeping what works. And always, always remember life is great!

StarWarrior Rie
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