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A question: Do I spend $400.00 for some Goodyears, or head to Pep Boys and get a set for $169.00??

It depends if the tires are rated equivalently in regards to treadwear, temperature, and traction. If they are, buy the cheaper tires. But I wouldn't put on a cheaper tire if the tire is rated C for wet traction and I lived someplace like Seattle. Better tires will be rated A for temperature and traction.

The treadwear rating will indicate how long a tire will last. The higher the number, the deeper the treads and/or harder the rubber compound. You need to decide how long you are going to keep the car. If you are going to get rid of it in the next 30-40,000 miles, then you can buy a cheaper, lower rated tire.

If you are like many Fools and try to keep your car a long time, maybe you should consider buying a higher treadwear rated tire (higher rated usually means more expensive). Others here have said they can get more miles out tire than what it is rated for by rotating and balancing. If you can get 40,000 miles out of a 20,000 mile tire, then you may get 80,000 miles out of 40,000 mile tire. Look at the prices and mileage rating. Its cheaper to buy one set of 40,000 mile tires at $300 than 2 sets of 20,000 mile tires at $170.

Also look at the manufacturer. Manufacturers have many of their own brands and make tires for other resellers. One example is Sears tires are made by Michelin.

That said, I buy Michelins. They seem to last longer and definitely, for me, ride smoother and quieter. Thats important to me when I take 8 hour trips and I don't want my kids to barf in the back seat. Of course, they are the highest priced, but that is the price I am willing to pay since I plan to keep my vehicle for 200,000 miles.
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