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I just found this board, and I thought I would relate my story. I am 34 years old and used to bite my nails all the time, ever since I was a kid. One time around 1990 I was going to learn to play classical guitar, so I let the nails on my right hand grow for about a month, but then they got too long and tempting so I chewed them off.

Then about a couple of years ago, I said, that's enough, and stopped biting them. Since then, about every week & 1/2, I get out the old nail clippers (I use a big one that is for toes, have had the best success wit those) and trim all 10 of my nails, and my toes too if I happen to notice they are getting kind of long. I let both of my big toes grow really long since I have had some ingrown toenail problems before, but I keep the other ones pretty short.

Well, that's my story, good luck to everyone.


PS I have a standing offer of $25 to my step son (16) if he can let all 10 of his nails grow out as long as mine, but so far he has never collected (he chews them all the way back...)
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he chews them all the way back

I would get stares. Folks could never figure out why my fingers wouldn't hurt...that's how far back I chewed. Even after having one finger worked on years <and years> ago for an ingrown nail, the silly doctor thought I learned my lesson.

No longer sporting stubs :)

Hopefully your step son won't take as long as I did to stop.

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