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It's Spring! That means it's storm season. Let's consider the birds of the air and how they handle severe weather. When a tempest approaches, most birds take cover. Sounds sensible, doesn't it? Eagles, on the other hand, fly straight into storms. This seemingly suicidal action is, in reality, the best thing they could do. The strong air currents raise them up and carry them over the bad weather - all they have to do is stretch out their wings and glide.

Often, our reaction to a stormy situation is to hide until it's all over. What would happen if, instead, we raised our heads . . . spread our wings . . . and flew straight into the storm, trusting God to carry us through - and over - the situation? Maybe that's what Isaiah was talking about when he said, The people who trust in the Lord will become strong again. They will rise up as an eagle in the sky. . . Isaiah 40:31 (NCV)
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Excellent reading.

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