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Triton Energy is certainly an undervalued stock. Congratulations to everyone who is already in it. You will certainly be rewarded for your knowledge in finding a great value. With the oil find alone, the book value of Triton makes the stock significantly lower than it deserves to be, and that will be seen in one of two ways: 1. the stock will rise on its own merits as people wake up on this sector, and 2. One of the big dogs is going to come in and buy this puppy up, and not waste any time having to do any expensive exploration, now that Triton has hit the big one.

Let me remind everyone who isn't in yet, Thomas Hicks is no dummy. He makes money hand over fist and is a tremendous manager. When he invests in a company it is to maximize it's potential and then sell it for a maximum profit. If it is good enough for him, it is 300 times good enough for me. He has bought more shares, and will nurse Triton into a cash cow.

Add that to the fact that this sector by and large has been neglected by the big funds so far, (and they WILL be back in soon after another NASD correction), and you are all in a prime position. Based on per barrel costs now vs. the past few years, this stock indeed should be a minimum $50 stock.

Merrill has put in a recommendation to buy today. Look for others to do the same shortly, and enjoy your ride up!! This company is solid!!

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Hey! Jim,

Welcome to the 'Fool' and to the OIL board as I see this is your very first posting. As you have already have read, all of us are extremely excited about being in this stock and at various stages of this 'low' price. I believe you are correct and expect this stock to be a major part of my portfolio. If you haven't read the postings by 'longballsd', I recommend them as he has a large amount invested in OIL and seems to quite on top of what's going on regarding the stock and the company.
Look forward to your postings and happy trading.

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