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Did anybody else see today's "Post of the Day?"

The author has a point, but, then again, he doesn't. Can you blame a value fund manager for value stocks being out of favor? If one invested in a value fund, shouldn't the investor bare the bulk of the blame for his own underperformance? After all, the investor should have known that value stocks would greatly underperform growth stocks and make the appropriate corrections in his asset allocation model to reflect the expected dominant performance of growth over value. True, there are less than competent people managing value funds, but you will find people like this in any sector of the industry. If the hot growth stocks fall out of favor, we'll probably find out that there are a lot of them running growth and technology funds. The hot stocks' performances have left the less competent undetected for now, though.

I'm so sick of value managers being ridiculed. They are doing their jobs, investing within the parameters set up for them by their mutual fund company. This is just another blatant example, in my opinion, of a person not taking responsibility for his own actions. It is a disturbing trend in the U.S. of A., and I feel that it is an important one that needs to be reversed if we are to maintain our position as global leader. People don't feel responsible for their own actions, and they don't believe they should be held accountable for them; it's always someone else's fault.

If someone goes on a killing spree, it is his parents' fault for not showing him enough love when he was a child. If someone loses his liver due to twenty years of binge-drinking, it is Budweiser's fault for producing a harmful product. If someone spills coffee in their lap, it is McDonald's fault for making the coffee too hot. If someone is flying down the road at 150 MPH, drunk off his ass, and wrecks his car, it is the automobile manufacturer's fault for not making the car safe enough.

Where does it end?

As for me, I'm writing this to you from my Dell laptop (with Windows operating system), which is connected to my Nokia wireless phone. I'm barreling down the shoulder of a congested, ice-covered interstate in my old Chevy with a flask of Jack Daniel's in one hand, two lit Marlboros hanging from my lips, a full cup of Starbucks coffee with no lid between my knees, and I'm typing with my free hand. Man, I'm gonna make a fortune ...

It's not my fault,
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