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Actually, I'm interested. But I don't want the "soap-opera effect". When you say "realer", is that what you mean?


The DD doesn’t affect frame rate or similar –the TV and amp still process as before. What the DD does is give detail but not that you get with sharpening.

I used the word ‘crispness’ to describe it and, with that increase in detail, the ‘dimension’ increases and the picture is closer to ‘real’.

Thanks for the report. Your TV is a 60 plasma. You think it would matter that much for smaller sets - 32s or 42s, LCDs, LEDS?


Really don’t know, Ken, since both of my systems have 60-in. sets. I would think there’s improvement with a smaller screen but if it is noticeable it may be affected by distance to the screen and other factors. But maybe not. I would expect some change but how much I don’t know.

Consensus: the better resolution of the feed the more noticeable the effect.

Thanks for the report. I would have expected the opposite. That tells me their algorithms and hardware are truly something new and unique, and not simply doing something better sets already do.


I was concerned there would be a conflict between the DD and the LG TV’s XD engine but there wasn’t. In fact, no change to any other aspect but the DD’s finer detail. What I may do this weekend is zero out all of the TV’s settings and see the result with DD on and off.

As for on-off that’s what I have been doing: DD on then DD off. Repeat multiple times and note differences. I have done this with moving picture and still. The difference is most noticeable with the DD on. Right now I think I have the settings on the DD a tad high and will reduce the DD effect to see how it works at lower settings.

Sounds cool! I did not see any mention of how much it improved a Blu-ray disk. You said the better the feed the better the results, and I would have expected Blu-Ray to be the best feed. (If I'm wrong there I'd appreciate being steered right.)


I have several HD channels that have minimal compression and I started with those then went to Blu-ray – the effect was startling. Master and Commander was first and the detail enhancement was astonishing as was Over Beautiful British Columbia. The latter is a travelogue of aerial shots of the Province and, again, I was struck by the increase in detail. Also ran AniMusic 2 computer-generated visuals in standard DVD format, and this too was better. Stuff saved on the DVR was also good.

Still fiddling with the settings but it’s more now tweaking the tweak. For that I will more use the Blu-ray on discs I am familiar with.

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