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After many purchases from Dell I just left them personally feeling the level of their warranty service had failed me time and again. Last purchase from them was of course nearly 5 years ago and I do trust they have dramatically improved over the years.

Back in the mid 1990s, I got Dell machines for friends of mine. My own machine I got from a local computer retailer who was more interested in making custom systems for small businesses. They sold me a white box machine slightly customized for my needs. I already knew the owner of that business, had done business with his company where I worked, etc., so I could trust him.

In those days, Dell machines were really custom made for each user, probably made in Texas. Their customer service was great and I have no idea if their warranty service was any good because they never needed warranty service.

As time went on, they did less and less custom building, the machines were made in China in several models, take them or leave them. And their customer service was moved to Bangladore and by people who thought they knew English. At about that time, Dell also started making servers and such (I do not know where) and customer service for those machines remained in USA (Tennessee, IIRC). A friend of mine worked in customer service there. He was also a supervisor of some of those in India. He thought they were the pits, but partly that was the fault of Dell. They were paid by the number of calls per hour they handled, so they would hang up on you after about a minute, whether they solved your problem or not.

Anyhow, even though I owned stock in DELL for a while, that kind of thing made me sell out my position before the market noticed and punished the stock price.

I needed a new computer at that time, and was running Linux anyway, so I got the new machine from VA Linux Systems (no longer in the computer business) and their machines were very good (I still have that one I got in 2000 and is is still running, although it is a little slow by today's standards: two 550 MHZ Pentium III processors, 512 Megabytes RAM.

By 2004 I wanted a bigger faster machine, looked at Dell Servers and others and found nothing I liked so I built one of my own. It died recently from power supply exploding. Pretty dramatic, and smoke came out. I did not trust to keep that machine, though some of the parts work.

And I did not need a machine as big as that any more, so I looked around and decided to get a server-workstation from Dell. T7600. I already took it apart and it looks well built. The components are mostly brand name. There is room to work. It has a 4-core Xeon processor and another socket for another processor if I need it (I probably won't). There are 32 RAM module slots, and I have 8 1 Gigabyte RAM modules installed. If I put all 32 modules in of the 4 GByte size, that will be 128 GBytes ram. I might not even need any hard drives with a thing like that. I will not do that, though.

If anyone wants to know how it worked out, ask in a few years. I still would not buy one of their little Chinese home machines, though.
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