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“ ‘After the election,’ that’s what they say in all the conference calls,” one member of the team said after trying, unsuccessfully, to argue for more specificity in one of Mr. Romney’s recent statements on the Middle East.

Makes you wonder if there is anything the electorate deserves to know before the election.

I did read the transcript of his speech at VMI hoping to perhaps get a inking of his plans but alas there was nothing in it that might help.

I do recall one line, something about no one should question our commitment and it nearly made me vomit. I thought let's see Granddad didn't serve, Dad didn't serve, I (Mitt) didn't serve and none of my 5 boys served but hey were a committed bunch. It was only after that moment of nausea that I realized that "our" for Mitt is mostly just rhetoric when it comes to things like sacrifice, not unlike how I is all that matters when it comes to things like gain.

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