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Would appreciate any opinions on the merits of participating in the current Dutch auction offering. I bought into Agilent at $40 at its start as a spin-off from HP, foolishly (in retrospect) holding onto it at its $160/share height at the peak of the technology bubble and also failing to buy more when it fell below $20. Now the company is offering to buy shares at a price of somewhere between $35-40. My thought is that Agilent shares will be worth more after the company completes the auction because far fewer shares will be in play. Yet it is disappointing that there is so little visibility into what's going on with and inside this company. I expected more from a HP spin-off. I'm wondering if it's time to cut my ties with Agilent and move on to other stocks that offer greater transparency.
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I don't have the answer to that--I am in the same quandry.

I am sitting here on December 7 trying to figure out what to do. I need a loss before the end of the year, but not that much of a loss. What I think I am going to do is to wait until the end of the auction (which if I understand it is December 13) and then sell immediately if the regular market price goes up. I am selling simply because I need a loss and I want to get out of naked shares as I approach retirement--I need income generation, which Agilent isn't.

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