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They seemed like 'shady small cap biotech execs'. On my 'Generex Biotech shady scale' they get a 4/10 (Generex management is the Gold Standard so far and gets a 9.9 out of 10: I've never met Hemispherix management!). CYTR answers to my questions were evasive and to me illogical.

I nominate ELAN (ELN):

Once nominated by Adam Fuerstein as the "Worst Biotech CEO of 2008 (I think) Elan CEO Kelly Martin continues to lead his band of "Irish Mafia" to the bank, clutching shareholder dollars in both fists....

Follow the links for more detail...

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No. of Recommendations: 1
The next poll should be to nominate the most
A)-shady management/scam biotech vs
B) best biotech management company

This is technically difficult and could land me in the same company as since I would vote for Generex Biotech. I had the priviledge of meeting them: hard to believe anyone who talks to them for more then a few minutes can believe anything they say... My original first choice (SQNM) are on their way to jail so not as interesting... Sequenom should not nominated as they are to much of a 'safe bet'?

So shady/ scam corner
1 vote for Generex - JPG101
2 vote for ELN - shuksan77, Adam Fuerstein

Best biotech management/ shareholder friendly management corner
1 vote for Mannkind - JPG101


PS: Generex please don't pull out the lawsuit guns to silence this insignificant post...
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This is entertaining reading--if you DON'T own Elan stock..

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