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All government needs to do is protect and guard private property rights and enforce the laws that are in place to protect people from predators.

Ah...enforce regulations. So we agree. (Or mostly...some regulations such as Glass-Steagal need to be re-instituted.)

To trust government is a naïve and dangerous for the individual and society.

The same can be said of trusting corporations/corporatism.

I never said I "trust" government. However, in a democracy I can help to change government. I can't do anything to a corporate entity. Only government can.

Baloney. Eisenhower built the highways for military purposes.

Yes and no. That was a factor, absolutely. But that wasn't the only reason.

However, government should not be picking winners and losers in the market place.

Complex question. Depends on precisely what you mean by it. Funding research and encouraging technologies is not a bad thing. But like anything it can be taken to harmful extremes.

Government should not be controlling 1/6 of the health care sector.

This depends on how you view health care, and what you're willing to do for that view. If you view health care as a for-profit enterprise, and are willing to let die those who cannot afford such care, then you're correct. If your view is that we won't let people die for lack of means (i.e. can't afford care), then you're completely wrong and the government should in fact have at least 80% of the sector (note: just a very rough guess, allowing for private facilities that exist almost everywhere that socialized medicine exists).

Government should not be telling businesses how to run their business.

Depends (again). If they are dumping toxin in rivers, government has a duty to tell them how to run their business (i.e. they can't do that). If they are stealing employee wages, government has a duty to tell them how to run their business. Etc. There's a lot of stuff government needs to tell business how to do, otherwise business will take the cheap way (for them) no matter who gets hurt in the process. History bears this out.

Government should not be in the business of intruding on rights from one group of people at the expense of another.

Sounds good. Depending on what you mean. I assume you're not talking about one group having the right to discriminate against another group and government interfering in that "right"??

In a free society, free of crony capitalism, your fear would never come true.

On the contrary, I think it would be inevitable. Unavoidable. Corporations are driven by profit. That's all. It's their entire reason for existence. One needs a powerful entity that can restrain them. Government is the only thing that can.

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