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My presence will be rather intermittent for a while.

x-post from Angel May's Den:

We spent much of mother's day loading the RV for a 2-month trip. After showers (just waiting my turn now), we'll load last-minute items, clean the kitchen, put a little bleach in each toilet, turn the thermostats to 86(!), lock up, put our trash & recycling into Mom's bins--and kiss her good-bye ;-) We don't even need to gas up on our way out of town as the tanks of both car & RV are half full, and gas is cheaper near our frist stop. Alas, we're overlapping with Spring Bike Week (motorcycle rally in Myrtle Beach)! Although we'll be several miles from biker central, it spills over into the Murrells Inlet area. And I know this because the first time we camped at Huntington Beach State Park, the exact same thing happened (d'oh)! vroom vroom.

We need to return the cable box this morning since they weren't open over the weekend, and I didn't want to do it last week (we're ditching cable permanently--well, for the foreseeable future, anyhow). But we have plenty of time--our first campground is only an hour and a half up the coast and we can;t check in till afternoon.

We have plans to get together with a Fool this week [hi, Donna!]. I don't think anybody here in AM-land is along our route, but if anyone wants to meet, here's the trip outline:

Charleston SC-->NYC (pretty much a direct route). Longest stop at the head of Chesapeake Bay. Last week in May near NYC.
Week in Adirondacks (East side)
Week by Lake Champlain (VT side)
10 days in Catskills/Hudson River Valley
Back to Westchester County for the last week in June.
Visit BFFs near Cincinnati
Homeward via Knoxville, Asheville [Yo, goofy--you in town July 8/9?]

The two separate weeks near NYC are to visit our 2-yr-old grandson and his new sibling what's due today--a second lil Swee' Pea, my goodness! Life is good.

PS--Best thing on board the RV? A big bag of Ling Ling chicken-vegetable pot stickers in the freezer! Great for don't-wanna-cook suppers along with steamed broccoli or edamame (note to self: stop at a Coscto en route and pick up edamame pods--we already ate up the ones I bought just a week or two ago...I guess I still enjoy playing with my food).
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Hope you see this somewhere on the road. Have a great trip.

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Sounds like fun!

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Despite having to drive all the way back to Charleston for the hubster to have his SSDI exam (to see if he qualifies--you know, just another Dem seeking freebies-) which took 3 1/2 hours--we very much enjoyed Huntington Beach State Park, voted the nicest state park in the entire country (or so it sez at the nature center!). We liked the ambiance of the campground and enjoyed a tidal creek walk with cormorants and fiddler crabs, a naturalist talk on the local invertebrates (got to handle live as well as dead critters), a walk on the beach, and dinner last night at Drunken Jack's with Donna405. My fried soft-shell crab was probably the biggest and best ever--juicy, sweet, not greasy--yum!! The live music was so nice--boomer era hits, but not top 40, better stuff (Donna--help me out ehre--can you remember any songs we heard? DH is not the only one with cognitive difficulties, it seems...). It was wonderful to see Donna again so soon (she visited us last month)--cheered us right up after an upsetting trip to CHS (OK, the mojito didn't hurt either ;-)

I was concerned that the hubster's cognitive issues might prove problematical, but so far just a minor annoyance...he forget to bring batteries and we needed one immediately (but then I forgot to get the kitchen scossors on board and decided not to cut down on # of shoes by not bringing my moccasins, which has already proven a mistake! I forgot how how the passenger foot area gets on the van).

The weather has been astonishing--70s, nice breeze, not humid...ahhh! We're thinking that next year we might just come here for a week or two (DH will be 65 and eligible for the SC sr camping discount--woohoo!).

Tonight will be a wee bit less nice, boon docking night parking lot in the Raleigh NC area (I am cheeep and will not pay for a campground for a single night except for the rare COE/BLM campsite on our route which has happened maybe twice out west). Next campsite is by a corps of engineers reservoir on the NC/VA border north of Raleigh. Not much idea what to expect...hopefully not getting smothered by cicadas (picture any thriller with climbing all over people and vehicles =8^0
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