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Do you ever get that funny feeling that sumptin ain't right???

At work, school, whatever, you're just goin along with the business of living, and all of a sudden, out of the blue, you just KNOW sumptin is wrong at home.

Sometimes, it's just a nagging feeling, as if you think you left the iron on.

Sometimes, it's a gut feeling that if you don't return home, RIGHT NOW, something terrible is going to happen.

That's what happened today.
There I was, totally enjoying my day out window shopping, and all of a sudden, it hit me, GO HOME NOW!!!

When I was younger, my Mom and I went school clothes shopping when I got that "feeling".
I tried to tell her something was wrong, but, being an adult, she didn't listen.

When we got home, we found that a car, being chased by police, had crashed into our house. When we got off the bus, I was already screaming my brother's name, and trying to tell the firemen that he was in the house. (he had cut class that day)

Thankfully, one fireman DID listen to a hysterical child, and my brother was saved.

Since then, I have gotten that "feeling" only 4 times in my life, and each time, it has been something catastrophic.

So, when I get that "feeling" I tend to obey it.
I don't remember driving home, and I don't remember the policeman trying to stop me from going into the backyard. And I don't remember kicking him, but, he says I did.

I do remember pushing someone out of my way, and running to the backyard. And I do remember the look in the stranger's face.

He was terrified.

It was the sight of the blood that stopped me. All down his face, his right arm and hand, and his left pants leg.

That's when I heard her. My sweet, lovable, wouldn't KNOW how to hurt a fly, Gussie.

She was on the porch, standing in a way that I had never seen. All four legs totally stiff, a strip of fur from her head to her stub standing straight up.
And she was growling. A growl low down in her throat and chest, that I had never heard before.

She had cornered this guy in the small space between the porch and the side fence, and she was NOT letting anyone near, or him to get away.

She also had blood on her head and down her legs.

There was so much noise. Policemen, firemen, animal Control guys, neighbors, and all seemed to be talking or yelling at once. So much noise.

And all that confusion. It seemed to me that everyone was just making it worse with trying to "talk" to Gussie, guns out, long poles with wire loops and tranquilizer guns.

So, I did what every Mother does when her child is in danger. I told the Animal Control people to back off, or I would "personally stick that pole down your throat, and pull it out your a**".

I went up to the nearest policeman, and told him to help me get everyone to shut up.

It took a couple of minutes, but, it finally got quiet. As quietly as I could, I walked toward my Gussie, and tried to get close to her. That's when I got a good look at the cut on her head, just above her right ear.

As softly as I could, I went to her, talking calmly, even though I wanted to kill the a**hole that hit her.
And all the while, I was wondering, "where's the babies??"

It took ten minutes, but, finally, she calmed down enough for the police to take the scumbag away.

She wouldn't let anyone near her but me. And she kept going to the gate and whining. More like pacing to the gate actually, and whining, and growling, and then pacing back to me. That's when I asked the Animal Control guy "where are the pups?". All I got was a "what are you talking about?".

That's when I knew. So I asked a policman to clear the front yard.

He never got a chance.

There she was, pacing back and forth, whining, and growling at anyone who got near her, when all of a sudden she stopped, tilted her bloody head, whoofed once and took off.

Ever see a Boxer in a flat out run?? It's beautiful.

Not one part of her body touched the 5 foot fence.
She cleared that gate as if it were 2 foot tall.

And she ran. Ran to the end of the block, with about 20 people behind her, panting to keep up.

At the end of the block was a red van. She stopped dead, and started this incredible growling, snarling, barking, racket.

When the rest of us caught up to her, everyone could hear the yipps and yapps coming from inside the van.

The Babies. Gussies babies were in that van. MY babies were in that van.

That scumbag had tried to steal my Gussie's babies. And my Gussie had stopped him, even after he hit her with a piece of firewood.

It's nighttime now, and everything has calmed down.
The babies are safe, sleeping under my feet, with Gussie laying nearby, not sleeping, just looking at the babies, and sometimes, she'll come up to me, put her head in my lap, and give a big sigh.

The police called a little while ago, saying that they found no bites on the scumbag, just scratches. So, my Gussie won't have to go into quarantine.

They also said that the scumbag confessed to trying to steal the babies. Seems there is a place not too far out of town, that pays for young dogs, to be trained for pit fighting.

Gussie's alright, a small cut above her ear, that bled alot, because it was a head wound. The vet checked them all out, gave Gussie 2 stitches, and the pups some treats.

A guy from Animal Control called also, he wanted to know how extensive her guard training is, and where she was trained.
I had to tell him that she had never been trained.
I don't think he believed me.

We, you and I, know what training she's had, don't we?

The best training of all. LOVE

Love for her babies.

It's getting late, and frankly, I've been drinking, so I hope you forgive me for rambling on.

The windows are closed, the door locked, and all's well that ends well.

Even though I'm still shaking inside.

Tomorrow, I go down to the police station and make a statement, and press charges against the scumbag.

But, for right now, I'm going to finish my drink, gather up my owners and we're all going to sleep in my bed. And if they want, they can even get under the covers with hubby and me.

It's going to be long time before I leave my owners home alone again....

Is it just me? Or is this world going to hell in a hand basket? How can someone steal puppies, and train them to kill other dogs? I'm sorry, to me that is just SICK and absolutly, totally, EVIL!

did you know that if my Gussie were a mutt, I wouldn't be ABLE to press charges???!!! But, since she's a purebred wrong is that?? nevermind, don't try to answer that. I KNOW how wrong that is.

who is now officially, disgustingly, tipsy, and disgusted with the world in general.
how can I tell I'm tipsy?? It's taken me almost 2 hours just to correct my spelling.
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