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Also for decades, those on the right have fought with vigor to slash the nation's safety net for those who cannot compete in this rigged economic system. They propose cutting -- and/or eliminating entirely -- such desperately needed programs as food stamps, Medicare and Social Security. They cannot be both sane and believe that people denied the basic necessities provided to the poor and elderly by these programs will result in less, rather than more, suffering by the poor and elderly. They cannot believe that there exist a sufficient number of jobs which pay a living wage to accommodate all of the poor and elderly who need actual money just to purchase food and a roof over their heads. From this, I can only conclude that they don't give a husky flock if, once their dream of a Randian society is brought to fruition, a large number of people will actually die of starvation and exposure (as they have been dying for years as a consequence of insufficient access to health care). I conclude that, therefore, they must either hold the poor and non-wealthy elderly in considerable contempt and feel for them both disdain and hatred.

This is exactly what I'm talking about. The GOP is not seriously proposing eliminating SNAP, Medicare, or Social Security. To the extent that a few elected officials have (from time to time) made comments about that, they quickly get snapped off - even GWB was unable to get any changes to Social Security because the conservative base wouldn't go with him. It is this assumption - that any cut to any entitlement program has to be so severe that it must cause people to die of starvation and exposure - that causes folks on the left to demonize folks on the right. The middle ground - that there might be modest cuts to these programs that would make them less generous, but still keep people from dying on the streets - is simply ignored. And thus a 4% cut in future spending in SNAP becomes "the GOP wants to eliminate food stamps."

I note that those on the right are eager to eliminate the minimum wage. There can be no good reason for this other than to construct a society in which large numbers of people are so desperate for the tiniest scrap of food they will work for food alone -- indentured servitude.

There are other good reasons. Price controls (which minimum wages are) have a very poor economic track record in most other contexts, and there is still considerable debate over whether they come with the unintended consequence of increasing unemployment for those who would otherwise be able to sell their labor. And since approximately 95% of workers today are paid more than the minimum wage, without any government compulsion, the dystopia you paint is one that is also not supported by the evidence.

I have considerable evidence that those on the right despise the poor. Words and phrases like "lazy," "unwilling to work," "druggies," and "takers, not makers" are not designed to show compassion for those who have little by those who have much. Such words and phrases are either outright expressions of disdain and contempt and hatred, or they are specifically designed to arouse feelings of disdain, contempt and hatred for and of the poor in those they wish to influence. I consider the widespread use of such words and phrases by those on the right as substantial evidence of their disdain, contempt and hatred for and of the poor.

Sure - and if you want to condemn the politicians who use that language as expressing disdain for the poor, I'm all for it. But that doesn't mean that the millions and millions of people that are out there are also disdaining the poor, any more than the fact that there are poor people with substance abuse problems means that all poor people are "druggies."

Should you have any actual evidence to present that would counter the evidence I see all around me, ad nauseum, every day that both the words and policies of the "self-styled conservatives" are anything but hateful, I'd been fascinated to see it. I've dug pretty deep, and -- as with religion -- I don't see that any exists.

Let me ask you this - how many conservative people have you spoken to IRL that have told you that they believe that SNAP should be completely eliminate even if that would result in people starving to death?

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