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This is a bit confusing. I'm pretty sure I'm NOT a dependant, but I'd rather be VERY sure.

I'm a 22 year old college student whose parents are separated. I made well over $2,700, but that dosn't matter since I'm a full time student. I lived in Ann Arbor all year, so I spent no time back home. My total expenses were over $12,000 last year (rent, tuition, food, etc). This is the part that confuses me. My mother paid for about $2000 of my tuition, my father maybe $1000 tops. This is nowhere NEAR 50%, so am I correct in assuming that neither can claim me as a dependant? I have this feeling that my mother is going to try to claim me, so I want to be certain when I tell her she can't.

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Based on the information in your post, Im assuming that the remainder of your living expenses were covered by either student loans or scholarships.

If you are responsible for the repayment of your loans, then you will credited with providing that amount of your funds to your support along with the income from your job. However, any funds from scholarships are not included.

If the vast majority of your other living expenses were covered by scholarships, then your mother may be able to claim you as she provided at least 10% of your total support.

There is a more complete discussion of the support test in the FAQ above. I suggest you review it and then discuss it with your mother.
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