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AM: "If I had enough money that I owed $200K in taxes in any year I could afford to be generous of heart and spirt to those who have so much less."

If you happened to move your 401K to a ROTH IRA, you might get stuck paying that much in taxes. Maybe you only made $30,000. So you had enough money to live on $40K/yr for the rest of your life from your ROTH IRA, but one year you paid $200K in taxes. Or maybe you sold your CA house and had to pay cap gains taxes on it. You are going to invest that money to live on for the rest of your life.

AM just assumes that anyone who made more than $87,500 (the first cap) isn't 'entitled' to get any of THEIR tax money back, that she will lay a guilt trip on them insisting 'they share'. Sorry. I don't feel the guilt trip, and clearly resent the implication that those who work hard have to have their financial wealth 'redistributed' by the gov't.

AM: "Res seemed to resent the fact that someone living completely on Social Security might get a little extra and he wouldn't"

If you call it a 'rebate' - it has to be a rebate - if you haven't paid any taxes, you don't get a rebate. If you go to Walmart and buy a TV that has a $100 rebate, the rest of Walmart customers who did not buy that TV aren't entitled to the $100 rebate.

Another guilt trip - 'they need it'...the 'gov't should provide it'...but that really means that OTHER TAXPAYERS should provide it. Take from those with income and give to those who have no 'income'.

AM: "This seems extremely scrooge-like and grinchy to me."

ANother 'guilt trip' by AM. If it doesn't meet her lib commie definition of 'redistribution of wealth', you are a grinch or a scrooge. Everyone in her world is 'entitled' to 'share' in the wealth of everyone else, even if they elect to sit on their butt, not work, or work at minimum wage job because they dropped out of high school at age 14, had 5 kids on welfare by age 27, and expect that 'society' will support them for life. Or that they live 'at an income level' that does not allow them to buy a BMW or McMansion.

AM: " It certainly doesn't paint a picture of someone I would want for a neighbor or a friend. "

What lib wants a non-lib friend? That is no surprise. THey seem to travel in packs. Crowds bleating 'I"m entitled" and "Give me more federal dollars".......and laying guilt trips on those with more success.

AM: "All his money won't suffice for a good heart and generosity of spirit towards others who have less."

Great..I'm sure AM 'shares' all of what she has. THat does not entitle her to demand a share of what others have.

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