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AM whines :"What a bunch of whiners!
This is the free market capitalist system at work and at its best!
If these wusses want safe mines, they should quit this job and find one at a safe mine. Or they could just start up a safe mine themselves. They just need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and go elsewhere if they don't like the jobs here."

In CHina, thousands of miners are killed a year. You don't read about it. They are 'human beings'.

Mining is inherently risky. Weather it be uranium, gold, iron, copper or coal mining.

Retreat mining has been in use for decades. In fact, the studies shown to date on the mine in UT have shown they did extensive geological testing, and were building signficantly stronger pillars that previous areas of the mine because of the risk of problems. Coal doesn't happen to all be on the surface where you can pick it up, and in WV and KY, folks are upset about strip mining (which negates the need for underground coal mining and the risks there).

Americans are addicted to energy. Half the electricity in the USA comes from coal fired power plants. The rest from natural gas (also a risky business with thousands killed over the years in offshore platform accidents and collapses, or injured or killed on the job, or explosions at facilities, or killed by hitting a natural gas meter on a residential street (maybe just passer by).

Of course, the other form of electrical generation is nuclear - plant accidents, uranium mining accidents, processing accidents.

business is not 'risk free'. Policemen die in the line of duty. So do firefighters. So do bus drivers, or federal workers in OKLA City.

The 'real story' is not the EPA violations. EPA is the habit of writing things up like 'failing to have a safety label on your flashlight', failing to dot the 'i' at the end of a sentence, etc. Every mine has violations...the question is were there serious violations that comprimised mine safety, or the annoyance type from EPA that require all the 'kill lables' (Warning, dummy, using this ladder is dangerous - you might fall off - don't use near power lines, ...Using this chain saw is dangerous. Be sure saw is off before touching the blade......, etc)

The human story is in the rescue attempt, not attemptng to 'place blame'.

Only a sicko is going to put 'placing blame' ahead of getting to the miners. Only a lib dem is going to assume it is GW Bush and crowd 'allowing' anything that might injure anyone anywhere for any reason including sheer stupidity to be the subject of a national news story for days on end.


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