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Dear Mom and Dad,

Thanks. It's been a rough few months. I really felt like I wasn't getting anything done, though I spent many hours escorting insurance adjustors and contractors, collecting information for the personal property inventory, watching tree removal, reviewing insurance estimates, asking them to re-do to get all the damage accounted for, talking to contractors, talking to architects, talking to mortgage guys and title companies, and sending checks hither and yon to get them finally deposited in my account. Not to mention the health issues that have limited my travel and made some of my days a blur of pain and misery, and the usual rounds of work and parenting that take almost all my time.

You guys showed up with your too-heavy suitcases and years more experience than I have with this kind of thing, and a get-'er-done attitude. And you worked. A lot.

- Trees trimmed
- Bushes trimmed
- Hydrangeas cut back
- Lawn mowed
- Vines cut
- Patio swept
- Shed demolished
- Shed pieces moved to the street and then hauled away
- Fencing that had already been taken down hauled away
- Back fence demolished and hauled to the street
- Stone wall rebuilt
- New retaining wall built
- New garbage disposal installed
- Giant copper kettle polished
- Brass candlesticks polished
- Arrangements made for rebuilding the fences
- Arrangements made for finishing the stone patio
- New sheds considered
- Flowers and gifts for my birthday, as if all the other things weren't enough

In all, 20 yard waste bags and three truckloads of debris were hauled away from my house in the 9 days you were here. You also bought all the groceries, did laundry, and took us all out to eat twice. I helped where and when I could, but the fact is that you and the handyman you magicked up -- he knocked on the door about five hours after Dad asked if I knew one -- did the vast majority of what needed to be done.

You guys are in your mid-70s. Dad suffered through a horrible hip replacement, infection, and re-replacement journey last year, and still limps. Mom has a terribly messed up back. (The doctors say it looks like a pretzel and ask how she manages to walk.) She's waiting to have her hip done, resisting because Dad had such a terrible time.

I am so glad to see that you guys are able to be so active, and I am both honored and incredibly grateful that you gave me such a huge amount of help this week. There is a long, long journey still to go, and I was serious when I said I'd like you to come supervise the construction when they start working on the house. You guys are totally awesome.

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Your parents blow mine out of the water. I can just about get my mother off the couch in her apartment, while my dad's feet look like ten pounds of sausage in a five pound bag. And they have none of the orthopedic issues you discuss. I would pay diamonds for them to just try half as much as yours obviously do.

P.S., don't trim the hydrangeas back too much. They only flower on old wood.
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P.S., don't trim the hydrangeas back too much. They only flower on old wood.

It depends on the species...

Colors are easy, all bloom on old wood. The white ones may bloom on old or new wood.
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Everybody's a critic.
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I'm a nitpicker....

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Yay, Mom & Dad for awesomeness!

And to ThyPeace for recognizing it!

Yay for functional families!

- Cindy
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Your parents sound like amazing people - you are indeed lucky, and I think this is a great story. Love can be shown in many different ways - your example is one of true caring and love that only a mom and dad can provide. All the best to you!
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So much in your post that I can feel and be thankful that your parents could help out during long periods of so much, too much. Nothing I can add except to acknowledge that as a whole.

But I will nitpick one detail.

Belated happy birthday to you, ThyPeace.


Lois Carmen D.
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Thanks, Lois Carmen! It was a good day. In addition to everything else, I got tacos (you know, Ortega taco kit with all the trimmings, salty and wonderful) and apple-pear-cranberry crisp. Two of my favorite things.

The hydrangeas do just fine when cut a long way back. A landscaper taught me which kind I have and how they should be cut a few years ago. I had not made time to really cut them back in the last two years, and they were enormous. They'll be great next year.

I'm really lucky to have parents who are so active and helpful, which they have always been toward me and my siblings. Still, this week was a far, far cry from last year when I was sitting with my dad in the hospital with a hip replacement and my mom in the ER with atrial fibrillation. Don't think my family is functional and perfect all the time, though! My parents had years of fights and ugliness, some stretches a decade long. Their health issues have made them much kinder to each other. I really like that.

ThyPeace, values kindness, especially in her volatile parents.
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Great to hear how wonderful your parents have been.And that you are so appreciative. And belated happy birthday!!!

Makes me miss my mum a lot.

She had five children who were eventually married and living on 5 continents...Europe, America, Australia, Africa and Asia..

Each time a baby came, my mum would arrive with a small suitcase, sleep on the family's sofa, handle the uncertainties of the siblings of new baby, cook, do laundry, bring new freshly diapered baby to nursing mom, bring a cup of tea to new mom, fuss over new dad, meals for everyone,clean house, and be the first to wake at night in case parents needed support for those night feeds...

When the family looked "on its feet" Mum would catch a plane and go back to her own NZ Home.

The amazing thing is that she herself had been raised with servants,(English nanny, a French maid to lay out her slothes, dress her and do whatever she needed ,) never been in a kitchen to try to cook till she was in her thirties. But like your parents, she learned to do it all, and could turn a tense, overwhelming family situation into a smooth, manageable affair.

WHY OH WHY didn't I inherit that talent?

All the best for the rest of your house stuff.
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Love, U.

No mater how big a disater or how hard it is to do you send Kudos to the workers who did it.
As Scary said you are the Key to creating a better, functioning World.


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