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To whoever thinks the shoe fits -

There are times when America is threatened,
And you know that we are spoiling for a fight.
So before the smoke has cleared and dust has settled,
Please make sure those other losers know you’re right.

So let’s be quick to blame one another,
Before a different problem comes along.
You be quick to let me know I’m stupid.
I’ll be sure to tell you where you’re wrong.

Don’t worry about tending to the wounded,
I’m sure that job can fall to someone else.
We’re all on to matters more important,
Before we take a good look at ourselves.

There’s no time to tend to one another.
If we don’t stop it, we’ll get more of the same.
‘Cause when you’re down and bleeding on the sidewalk,
It’s important to find someone you can blame.

It’s time for the airing of the grievance.
A list of things you’ve told us all along.
‘Cause if there’s one thing useful ‘bout the dying
You can use them to show others where they’re wrong.

I know that there are folks who’ve set on helping.
I cannot help but think they’ve missed the mark.
‘Cause when we deal with something so important.
There’s no time to light a candle; curse the dark.

There’s nothing wrong with getting mad or angry,
Or whatever strong emotion you may find.
But for what you can accomplish with your shouting,
You’ll get twice more accomplished if you’re kind.

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