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And don't tell the Romans and Greeks they were 'wrong'. They were just as 'right' as xtians or muslims or any other flavor of religion is today! It's all make believe!.

Make believe?

It is an attempt to make logic of stuff there is no logical explanation of.

Someone fits the pieces together and comes to a different conclusion.

I know you are right, how could anyone be so stupid as not to see it. No one can explain it, so it can't be true.

Same situation existed for a long time with a lot of stuff with a lot of wrong and alternate theories with lots of them having some kernel that was part of the solution eventually but laughably wrong.

Your 'proof; that you are right is nothing but sour grapes. Sorry it is what it is. At the end of the day there was something else and we apparently came from that. You have it out for someone so you lash out at priests or whatever. Enjoy, but I don't have to tell you that you obviously do in your own seemingly bitter way.

Note I am not saying you are wrong, nor am I saying anyone else is wrong. Has lots of harm been done through religion? Sure -- lots of harm has been done in a million different ways -- religion is your boogey man. Has lots of good been done through religion? Sure.

You offer no more proof of no God than folks do of God. You can rail against religion all you want. That seems kind of stupid to me personally, it is like railing against government there have been all kinds of bad government.

Religion is more a societal structure than anything else if you look at it in total. The kind you hate is nationalistic in essence. Religion is humanity, if God did not exist man would have to create him, is one of the trues statements out there. You blame religion on a belief in God, Socialism, Communism, mad made global warming the bastardized version of Keynsian economics one sees on PA, there are all kinds of harmful wrong belief systems that do not require God.

Has someone out there actually hit on what the creator wanted of us? Maybe. Can I swear who it is? Not me, but I see a set of beliefs out there that if folks lived would work pretty good IMO.

Is there no creator? Nope there is a creator even if it was a benign big bang or whatever formed that big bang. Everything started somewhere. Was it with 'someone'? I do not know. Will I ever understand it? I doubt it. DO I strive to? Not really, but it brings happiness to some folks so I am OK with it.
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