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A few nights ago an argument outside a LasVegas hotel turned violent. As the guys drove down the Las Vegas strip, the Range Rover guy shot the Maserati guy. Maserati guy crashed into a propane powered taxi. Taxi driver and his passenger were killed.

Range Rover guy is allegedly a pimp. There's an APB out on him.

I have a hunch that 'Maserati guy', aka "Kenny Clutch," isn't the good guy the press made him out to be.

Maserati guy's father claims his son was a nice guy; aspiring rapper and entrepreneur.

Here's Maserati guy, "Kenny Clutch," in another rap video.

Things I learned from the comments: A 'trapstar' is a flamboyant drug dealer with a taste for expensive stuff.

The green bottle KennyClutch usually holds is likely "drank":

" drank is a slang term for a recreational drug popular in the hip hop community. Its main ingredient is prescription-strength cough syrup containing codeine and promethazine. Cough syrup is typically mixed with ingredients such as Sprite soft drink or Mountain Dew and pieces of Jolly Rancher candy.

The guns, cash, drugs, cars- probably all drug money.

If it weren't for the innocent people in the taxi this would be a non-story.
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