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And yet, the Gosnell trial proves that there are plenty of them going on.

The people who don't add anything rational to the discussion are those who want to blow off the entire discussion in favor of dismissing those whose opinions they are ignorant of as "nutters".

OK. Here's something rational. First, the Gosnell trial in no way proves that there are "plenty" of that type of abortion going on. How did you arrive at that? Second, Roe v Wade is the law of the land. What this Dr. did was horrific. It is the result of women in desperate circumstances that we are not aware of. No one is "for" it, nor is it a natural consequence of legal abortions, just as murder is not a natural consequence of legal firearms, as the right is eager to point out. Third, the term "partial birth abortion" is an invented term that has no medical meaning. MDs do not use the phrase. The medical term it may be referring to is intact dilation and extraction or intact D and X. There is no such thing as a "partial birth" period. The fetus is not being born, it is being pulled out. These are extremely rare. The following are just a few examples of fetal abnormalities in which the mother may choose a late term abortion:

The "left" (and middle for that matter), is interested in seeing safe, reasonable, regulated access to abortion services should the mother, in consultation with a health care provider decide that is the course they would like to take. There shouldn't be a single provider in one state, for instance. They shouldn't revoke admitting privileges for abortion providers, for another. Both of those elements create a false scarcity that forces women who wish to have a legal abortion into other dangerous avenues.

As difficult as it is for you to understand, many many people do not believe a blastocyst or first or even second trimester fetus is a person. Let's drop that discussion anyway, because not only is it a personal view, it isn't relevant in the context of Roe v Wade and subsequent rulings on viability outside the womb.

I understand your opinion. Abortion is abhorrent to you. You are interested in seeing it made illegal in some circumstances. That is, however, your personal opinion.

Most on the left and many in the middle find it very disturbing that successful efforts are being made to severely limit options such as early use of RU-486, the "abortion pill", or even "Plan B" which prevents fertilization. Opposition appears to stem from the "life begins at conception" philosophy.

What are you interested in discussing?
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