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Rarely would I ever suggest someone bother to read Andrew Sullivan's arrogant, self-congratulating, non-sensical musings...but his debate liveblog is an exception. Not to all that stuff, but to my recommendations to read it.

First of all, he observes it in general the same way we all did: Romney pretty much destroying 0bama from the start. Throughout he reaches various degrees of despair that are hilarious to read (0bama might have lost the election tonight, etc.). About halfway through, some of his readers console him by saying that he is over-reacting, and that they are watching it with a group of their friends and none of them think 0bama is doing poorly. OK... Later, he shares another note from someone congratulating himself on being a "high information voter" like Sullivan, who knows all this stuff but is worried that the average voter can't see through Romney's lies. OK... What I enjoy about some of these comments is that they freak out about how Romney is getting away with lies and the low information voter won't know it, but then get so upset that 0bama isn't using all those Bain attacks and 47% line against Romney...which only works because it is deceptive stuff for low information voters. So is that good or bad? Or good when your guy does it and bad when the other guy does?

A few more nuggets:

Sullivan says: 10.14 pm. Obama's description of the role of government is actually elegant, and eloquent. Invoking Lincoln was great; invoking Eisenhower would have been even better. Education is the key.

I couldn't disagree more. I thought 0bama's answer on the role of government was a total disaster. To be fair, this is not home court territory for liberals. But 0bama was really awful. Romney did not hit a grand slam, as I had hoped, but he was plenty good and by comparison to 0bama's answer, easily won the exchange. Easily.

On bipartisanship: 10.03 pm. I simply cannot believe that Mitt Romney is saying he is more bipartisan than Obama. And Obama never pushes back. He is leaving argument after argument on the table, while he seems to be writing a memo to himself whenever Romney is speaking.

And: 10.25 pm. The idea that the candidate of the current Republican party is portraying himself as the most willing to reach across the aisle is staggering. That he is more persuasive on this than the president is a staggering personal failure on Obama's part.

This is illustrative of the left-wing bubble. Everybody is more bipartisan than 0bama. Seriously. The guy is the most partisan individual in the country, and this was in evidence throughout his first term. Just because he repeats his line "I'm willing to sit down and listen to any good ideas no matter what party" doesn't mean he actually is. Remember, "I won"? Remember, "they can come along for the ride, but they have to ride in the back"? Meanwhile, Romney was the Governor of FREAKING Massachusetts. Yes, when it comes to evidence of bipartisanship, Romney wins going away. Why do they find this surprising?

9.58 pm. Romney is now so clearly lying about how president Obama decided to do healthcare before jobs I wonder if he's over-reaching.

No.... 0bama p!$$ed away his first year+ on 0bamacare, and we're still talking about how to create a job.

9.39 pm. First unforced Romney error: "I may need a new accountant."

Uh, yeah. What he calls the first unforced error is also known to most people as "one of the most memorable put-downs of the debate."

9.25 pm. Romney is running on Bowles-Simpson!

Romney is not "running on Bowles-Simpson". As Romney specifically said, he has his own plan. He said that 0bama, since he commissioned Bowles-Simpson, should have followed up on it, modified it and taken it to Congress to get it through. Instead, he just ignored it, it languished, and now we're talking about what to do, just like we were four years ago. This is where Romney hit him with the "but you've been President for 4 years" line that I was waiting for. It was a devastating exchange. And back to Bowles-Simpson, the criticism of 0bama for ignoring it has been widely circulated on the right for years now. How can this have surprised them?

10.22 pm. The liar has managed to make Obama seem dishonest. In an act of will, Romney's lies are made effective.

I don't really get what this means, but I do read it to be confirmation that my prediction is probably on the money that starting early tomorrow, we will see the left-wing "fact-check" brigade come out and brand Romney a complete liar and try to make that the story.
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