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I was curious if anyone knows any really GOOD games for Android Tablets (other than Angry Birds and Bad Piggies).

I tried a few, but they weren't very good.
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Android games have been taking up a lot of my time recently, between the Galaxy S3 and my new Nexus 7 tablet (both of which I love).

Here's what I've been playing:

Football Manager Handheld - a slightly dumbed down version of the classic English Soccer management sims. Good if you like this sort of spreadsheet simulator!

New Star Soccer - also works well on an android phone. Interesting mechanics and fun gameplay. You play as a young footballer working his way up the leagues to stardom. Worth trying for sure.

Rebuild - A zombie survival strategy game. Definitely fun and with some replayability. Another one worth your time.

World of Goo - if you haven't already played it to death on PC.

I've also somehow become addicted to all the kairosoft games like Game Dev Story, Grand Prix Story. Don't do it, they cost $5 each and are pretty addictive. Total waste of time, but fun.

Always appreciate others thoughts on the subject.
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Fruit Ninja - greatest game ever.
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I only have an Android phone, but the OS is the same, so my suggestions are all probably available.

Plants vs. Zombies is the only game I've paid for. Worth it. A good time killer even if you already completed the PC version.

"Cut the rope" was a fun puzzle game.

Cartoon Wars 1 and 2: pretty good.

Inotia is a decent RPG, I think, but I don't love single player RPGs, so I stopped playing.

Also, you can get emulators for arcade (MAME), various 8 and 16 bit game systems (SNES, etc), and interpreters for text adventures, early Sierra and LucasArts games, and Heroes of Might & Magic 1, 2 and 3. Not all of them play well on a phone, but I bet they'd be great on a tablet.
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I just picked up The Bard's Tale on my android tablet. It's started fairly well, with a good sense of humour/self-awareness. I'm not far enough in yet to recommend it, but I'll try to let you know if I remember...

I'm still too absorbed with my second play-through of Xcom to be playing anything else.
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