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No post for over a year.

Still a great company.

Still making my monthly drip check.

Any thoughts?
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I am glad you are interested in Nicor stock. As an employee of the company, I want to say it is very well managed. Mr. Fisher and the team of management he has put together make Nicor a very stable place. The board has been really consistent in issuing dividends too.

We got a notice a few days ago stating Nicor would be repurchasing $50 million dollars of the outstanding shares. The company has already repurchased 25% of the stock shares that were outstanding in 1989.

A final thought is that the company has a 99% share of it's market for a product nearly everyone uses (natural gas), yet it is still a growth market becuase of new construction and many businesses switching to gas to fuel their plants (EPA regulations have been very good to the natural gas industry). In addition, Nicor is making breakthroughs into the service industry for appliance maintainence and repair, back-up power generation, and in other areas.

Hope you continue to enjoy owning one of the best!
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