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Ok, I'm tired of hearing about how great John McCain was. But there's something else I've heard several times lately that I'm getting really sick of. I'm getting sick of hearing about how people who support gay marriage should stop treating everyone who opposes it like they are bigots. I'm tired of hearing that, as with abortion, reasonable people might disagree on this issue, and that just because someone supports "traditional marriage" does not make them a bigot.

Baloney. Let me make this very clear:


The foundation of these arguments are all in one way or another derived from one simple belief: That gay people are not as good as straight people. That is the very definition of bigotry.

If you oppose it because you think children need a father and a mother, you are full of it. Children need their parents to be good parents more than they need them to be of a specific gender. If you believe state-sanctioned marriage certifies that the union will be good for children, you are wrong. It is better for children to have non-smoking parents, but we allow smokers to marry. It is better for them to have mentally fit people as parents, but we allow the mentally ill to marry. People who make this argument are holding gays to a marriage standard that does not exist for straights. An example of bigotry.

The most vile thing about the people I mention above is that while they act as though they are the ones who want to protect children, they USE their children as vehicles for their bigotry. It's shameful. Children deserve to be treated better than that. And if I, a gay man, can see this and you cannot, then you've already refuted the idea that straights make better parents.

Others believe being gay is a choice, and that if we wanted to get married we could just find someone of the opposite sex; therefore there is no inequality. Folks, this is 2009 America. If you think puberty is a decision making process and not a biological process, you are way more ignorant than is forgivable in this time and place. Arguing with you is like arguing with someone who thinks disease isn't caused by germs, but by dirty, dirty thoughts. I think that the number of people who are so far removed from civilization that they can earnestly believe sexual orientation is a choice is miniscule. Therefore, when someone says this it is safe to assume they are just using it asa mere rationalization got it...their bigotry.

If you believe it because that is what God wants, that is no excuse. At best, you are a bigot because other people were bigots before you, and they put it in your instruction manual. Not only do you deserve to be marginalized as a bigot, you also deserve to be ridiculed as a person incapable of thinking for themselves. And, imo, since children learn more from their parents' minds than from their parents' genitals, thinking gays would make better parents than you.

So, if you oppose gay marriage, you are a bigot. Deal with it. Own it. This does not mean I hate you. It does not mean we cannot have a beer together and talk about politics or philosophy. It does not mean that if you are my family member I will disown you. It doesn't even mean that I might not be able to love you. But it does mean you are a bigot, and that while you may think I am inherently flawed for being gay, it is you who has the flaw. And I, for one, refuse to pretend the reverse is true.

That is all.
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