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The performance of this stock is for sure not amazing, the same apply to the volume traded...but I find that the figures are not so bad and with their new big restaurant in FL (since april), there might be a good occasion to double your score!
(Fidelity fund was entering around 10$)

Fool figures:
PEG around 0.47 with P/E at 11
EPS growth of about 23% expected

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Is anyone out there still following Flannigan's?

I find them interesting and would love someone's analysis.

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I just came across Flannigan's while researching ATOM (Somewhat of a local interest). BDL appears to run a solid business.
I am fairly new to investing, but most of the numbers look pretty favorable to me.
Earnings per share 5 year growth = 40.19%
Current price to cash flow = 3.08
Current price to earnings = 3.91
Also net margins over 10%

Concerns include slow sales growth = about 3%
Did they sell off something, or close down an unprofitable division? Can the slow sales growth be justified or are sales just creeping up?

If you own or considered and then elected not to buy please let me know what drove your decision one way or the other.
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