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Howdy all...

Anybody following GB?

When I took the plunge into direct investing earlier this year, this was the first stock I bought.

I'm still pleased with that... from my novice view this seems to be a very solid company, with few serious competitors, in a market sure to be on the rise.

If AICD use begins to climb (as recent medical research suggests more benefit), that can only translate into higher revenues for GB -- right??
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Yep, I'm following it every day. And have hung on to 200 shares for about eleven months so far. For me also it was the first company I got up the courage to buy after getting interested last year in following stocks--not just monitoring my mutual funds. During the past ten months I have gotten into four more stocks.

I study IBD and read the WSJ and read e-mail ads from gurus selling advice with winnow sound opinion from hype and baloney. I've been a steady viewer of Rukeyser's Wall Street Week on PBS since it first began. Learned a lot over time but also have seen the best minds prove dead wrong sometimes in stock picks.

(Actually I've also held the utility FirstEnergy, which was Toledo Edison in 1983, when I bought it. That has been a happy story, but that's off the subject. They have a DRIP program.)

Every time GB sinks a little there seem to be institutions out there grabbing shares.

I think you are right about the quality of the company and potential. Some of my family have known the original inventor and founder, Wilson Greatbatch, and his family for a decade, as well as another one of the younger key officers in the company. Great people, all. And the company really did have its start in W.G.'s garage, where he produced his battery first. I heard about that years before the company went public.
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