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I pay my rent on time.

I don't make noise or bother other tenants.

I don't damage the property.

And yet my landlord doesn't like me. Why? Because when stuff breaks that's his responsibility, I call him & ask him to fix it, and when he doesn't fix it, I fix it myself and deduct it from the rent.

His other tenants tend to be illegal immigrants who are afraid of him and the court system. I tend to not be swayed by his "The mayor, the council, and half the cops in the city are on the take from me" speeches.

Anyway. He wants to get rid of me so he can put in some other immigrant.

In the near future I'm getting married, about 2 mo. before my lease is up. He doesn't know this.

I'm pretty sure he intends to screw me on the security deposit.

Is it worth it to attempt to negotiate with him, or will indicating anything make him think he has an advantage over me?
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I'm here, but I don't really have any advice for you. I tend to be the kind of tenant who just lives with whatever problems there are within reason. The landlord I had in my previous rental home was quite a bit like your landlord, I think -- he didn't like tenants who asked him to fix things. The tenants before us had asked for things to be fixed, and he hated them for it, I think. We asked only for a refrigerator repair once, and I had to call the repairman myself and take the cost out of my rent. I believe he kept some of our security deposit when we moved for carpet cleaning and painting, things he hadn't had done before we moved in, but we didn't fight it at the time due to other pressures we were facing.

If you're getting married 2 months before your lease runs out, does that mean you're going to be breaking your lease? You might want to make a quick check of the rental laws in your area or consult with a lawyer to find out what repercussions you should expect.

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does that mean you're going to be breaking your lease?

I suspect the landlord wants me to move out early. He as much as offered it to me one time when I brought it up hypothetically.

Maintaining the apartment an extra 2 months is not a hardship for me.
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