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Hey all,
My husband retired 6 months ago and he just got a notice from his employer 401K plan saying that they are changing from Ing to Aon Hewitt. I never heard of these guys. Their website is pretty light on how they handle 401k money.

I'm thinking of advising my DH to move his money (not much $25K) to either Fidelity or Vanguard. He should be rolling his 401K over anyhow.

(BTW he has a pension from his company so the $25K is just extra money he set aside on his own.)

So, if he doesn't move his money, is Aon Hewitt going to give him a decent return or should we run far far away from them?

Thanks in advance!
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From what I can see, Aon Hewitt offers advisory services. See

I would move the money from where it is currently held to either Fidelity or Vanguard, both of which I highly recommend.

Donna (disclosure: I have three accounts with Fidelity)
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Thanks Donna.
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Hewitt has always been a well respected name in the 401(k) recordkeeping business - and is very much a "custom shop" meaning, they customize their services to the needs of their clients. ING has been a custom shop (since buying the recordkeeping business of Citi and State Street) but previously was a small plan shop that required plans to "be in their box." Rumor has it that ING is trying to sell it's recordkeeping business and get out of that business (it's a difficult business to make money in).

The real question is what value to *you* get by leaving the money where it is. In many cases, the plan can get institutional pricing on investment funds (which, with $25K you couldn't get). Assuming the investment are otherwise suitable for your portfolio, it may behoove you to leave it there. Otherwise, roll it over and manage it in an IRA account.
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Not sure how anyone can recomend your husband move the money to Fidelity and Vanguard just on the basis that they have accounts there.
Aon/Hewitt is your Husband's 401k provider, that does not necessarily mean they are the same entity that will be managing the money. Another post correctly pointed out that they are a reputable Recordkeeper (Website, statements, Call center, etc) If you provide a list of the investment choices in the Plan with ticker symbols so you can do some research to figure out the investment style, expenses and managment tenure and long term track record, I am sure the replies would be more helpful. If your husband does move it to Vanguard and/or Fidelity he will have to manage it on his own in an IRA.
My thought is, you and your husband know your risk tolerances and other investment mix better than anyone on these boards, and with a little help from Aon and his former employer, you should be able to get all the information you need on the new choices. If you have trouble navigating the limited choices offered within a 401k, I'm not sure moving to an IRA with Fidelity or Vanguard will be any easier.

Good luck with whatever choice you arrive at, if you provide more info, I'm sure you will get more detailed replies.

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