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a.consider 3d printing as a replacement for brail so that the blind are on an equal footing asthose who are blessswith the gift of sight.
b.consider the merger or use of current photo shops as a means to translate photos using 3d to generate 3d representations on gift
items such as coffee mugs or other ceramic or metal products.
c.consider franchising 3d mfg.facilities with DDD printers and associated products and materials.
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I understand computerized text-to-speech is making the most promising advances for the blind. It seems like overkill to use a generalized tool for such a specific purpose as printing Braille, but once prices come down it might be the simplest and cheapest way to implement it.

Converting images into something three-dimensional for a coffee mug sounds like base-relief, a rather specialized reduction of the 3-D original to something only slightly more than 2-D. (Think of the sort of cameo that might appear on Antiques Road Show). While this might be a productive use of the technology, I don't see how photoshop would have much to do with it; a flat image doesn't have the information needed to render 3-D.

Shared 3-D printing may well turn out to be a profitable service, where the investment in the diverse technologies involved can be shared over a wide user base. Such a business might well prosper as a franchise once it was sufficiently established. I suspect that would have to follow a period where independent operators establish the underlying business through experience.
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