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Lately, sometimes when I open a post, some of the author's words are underlined, blue, and are hyperlinks. Other times I can open the same post again and the word(s) are not hyperlinked. Clicking on them seems to lead to third party search engines of dubious quality such as

The word "trucks" in a recent post was hyperlinked and led to that website above.

Ok, on to my next question. When highlighting text to copy into a post, about 6 tiny icons appear including a Fool icon, a large W for Wikipedia, a Youtube icon, etc. Whatever text I highlight, then comes up as a search term in those sites that the icons lead to.

This isn't a complaint, but I am just wondering if these are attempts at Improving The Fool by TMF, or, is this like a virus I or TMF has? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Paul T.
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I had a virus that screwed with my search links.

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