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Well, somebody at TMF has a sense of humor.

Just about to make my way through to understand the concept, it looks interesting enough.

I'm just wondering if you really want me to write serious definitions of things when my typical fare is writing about doing unmentionable things to small woodland mammals.

Anyway, I'll go get my pick and shovel and see what this is all about.


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We picked you specifically for two reasons:
1) Your long well-recommended history in Fooldom (34214!)
2) We need a diverse group of Fools to make Flossary work. One of these groups is people willing to try new things, such as:

Your explorative nature will help find and create new things that all of us at FoolHQ have missed.

All we ask of Flossary editors is:
1) stick to being Foolishly objective:
2) improve Flossary with each edit

Do that and your duckiness will fit the Flossary bill. :)

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I got the same problem Duck....

gotta be more involved TMFfools then the two of us, no?

KBM (I just came here to "protect" the small woodland mammals)
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