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art: "I have lost down to my correct weight 5 times in my life and I have never been able to keep the weight off. It's like something snaps in my brain and I go nuts. It's like I could eat the paint off the walls."

You love food too much think about bacon and other things 24 hours a day...and when you are not awake you are dreaming of food......

IT's a problem. I battle the to do 'pushaways'.......

Art: "So why do I need to change? Why should I even contemplate changing just so Tele doesn't have to look at me? What the hell business it of his how I look, or what size I am? There have been studies done that show that fat people don't cost the health care system any more than thin people do over the aggregate because they die at a younger age."

Art, you are an interesting person.

It's nothing personal...but if folks need to buy insurance, just like car insurance, if you are 'higher risk' you should expect to pay more.

Folks who drive like maniacs and get into accidents are going to pay more for car insurance than safe drivers.

Folks who have 'health risk factors' (like obesity, smoking, recreational drug use, chewing tobacco) are going to pay more.

People who are 'high risk' for dying don't get cheap health insurance. If you are in a high risk occupation, you pay more. If you have high risk hobbies, like skydiving, professional racing, iron worker on tall buildings, etc, you are going to pay more. If you are seriously ill, you are going to pay more. Why would you think everyone should get the same rate simply because they exist?

I don't see why you think 'everyone' deserves to get car insurance at the same rate. If that is the case, then why should everyone get health insurance at the same rate?

Medicare is based upon having folks that die quickly ( the longevity of folks keeps going up, the start age for Medicare never does) is based upon folks having normal weight distribution ....and now, more and more are obese..meaning a lot more serious problems a lot earlier in life.

Many would wind up on Medicare since their problems have caught up with them in their 50s...and they have to quit work since their weight has given them - pick some - diabetes Stage II, bad knees, bad back, leg circulation problems, back problems, heart failure problems, lung problems, some or all of more.....

Opening up Medicare to 55 and over to those who are 'uninsured' and can't get insurance, period, is like picking the worst of the worst to drive the costs to the sky.

Medicare is already bankrupt and running trillions in the red.

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