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Mirror test, I have doubted this test ever since I have had cats. Cats do not care what they look like in the mirror. BUT...when a cat looks directly at me in the mirror, meows at my reflection, then swings head back and looks at me for the answer...they know the mirror. They know what it is and where the human really is.

No doubt.

So I have always thought animal tests were set up to prove that humans were smarter. The bias was built in on purpose I figured, since as a teen ager I could tell when animals felt sympathy, when a cat can 'plan' out the best route to climb to get to where they need to go.
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Have to get on my high horse again. Western xtian culture is built hugely on the idea that there is an heirarchy. That the entire universe has to be built from bottom up...there is a ranking of all things. This ranking is necessary so that you can instill the god being into everyone. You have to have someone at top of heirarchy, you teach all your decendants that everything in life is then they must believe in a 'who' a 'who' that made it all.

So that system then causes humans to rank animals, I mean animals can't be better than us, cause our god made us and we are closest to angels and god. That makes animals less.

This system is not just important for the churches, it is also important for all the A types that must be in charge. It indocrinates the idea that someone must be on top! The philosophy is then used to make sure people know their place, and that everyone knows who is below them in the rankings.

(Gee...sound like any caste system at all??)

Anyway, that is to point out that the native American didn't rank nature against human. They saw the interconnectedness of it all. They didn't believe in ownership the same way as Western xtian invaders. There was a system in place that recognized how important nature was in its own right.

GAH!!! And people try to tell me I lost my religion because of a bad experience. Even as a teen I could see all this hypocrisy.

Ironic that now we have to try to get back to the enlightened area of realizing...'oh gee, you mean we are not the pinnacle of all?' That maybe animals can do things much better than we. I have, since losing my religion, adopted the 'humans are weeds' approach to our race. We are just good enough at just enough stuff that we can spread anywhere. We are just good enough to adapt to kill off whatever we need to, then we destroy everything around us by using it up.

Anyway, wow, this article seems to have touched a nerve.
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